Spring 2017

Spring time at last.  It almost felt, at least for me that it would not get here.  A lot has happen for my new year and the warm weather is just adding more to it and it is a welcomed distraction.  With the passing of my father earlier this year, we have taken on the maintenance of the second property, simple enough, fortunately they live two street down from us.

List of things that need to be done and a list of things that I want to do in my down time.
  • I am already composing my summer reading list.  I couldn't save the John Grisham Sycamore Row I had to read that earlier.  It was sooooo dang good, it has to be my third favorite.
  • Spring cleaning, I have done the kitchen, dining room, living room, solarium and now on to the second floor.
  • Landscaping is almost done.  I had planted 4 juniper trees 9 years ago and three of them died at the same time.  Needless to say the good one had to be cut down as it would have looked very odd with three new little ones. 
  • There is work on the 4 dormers that needs to be done.  Working on getting estimates to get them done, need two more. 
  • Putting up two more goose neck light fixtures out by the garage, they match the original one from 1925, this makes me very happy.
  • Collecting some grill menus and recipes to experiment with this summer as well.
  • I am working on a pattern line for a new shop, hopefully I will be able to get it up and running by the fall, we will see.  I try not to say too much as after I do, something happens and I can never seem to get to my goal of a deadline, it is so discouraging for me when that happens.
So far I am off to a good start to getting some things accomplished.  Hope your spring has started off well.

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