Catching up

One of my most favorite markets in town, Dorothy Lane Market, I always find what I am looking for, regardless how exotic it might be.  Thank you DLM for being awesome.  I wish my closets were as organized as their produce-one of these days.

We just finished the best pancakes ever on a lazy Saturday morning.  Some mornings you just want to linger a little longer then usual, this was one of those slow weekends where we did a lot of porch sitting and readig.  Just what I needed.

Downtown Columbus on a rainy afternoon, the Episcopal Church. I just love Columbus.

A lazy afternoon in the home office.

Chocolate cake and frosting experimenting and shooting for the candles that will be available in the shop as well.  I think this is what I had for dinner that day, pretty addictive stuff.

I love walking around the old seminary, what is left of it, they have taken two buildings down already, the library and the administrative offices-classrooms, not sure when they will remove this one, it used to be a dorm and in the basement is a cafeteria.  The architecture is just stunning, I will truly miss it when it is gone.

Started some Brandywine tomatoes from seed this year, we will see how they turn out.

Pretty cool artwork under the bridge for the entrance to the Community Garden downtown.


Spring just came and went so fast for me,  I think mentally I am still back in April.   I spent a lot of time in Columbus going to see Seibie's soccer games an spending a lot of time with family.  I enjoy gardening a lot and did some gorilla gardening in my neighborhood of which I highly regret as I had two separate cases of poison ivy on my arms, no fun at all, the hubby has banned me from ever being around ivy, oak and sumac ever again.  Then most recently root canal work, when I get back from Washington State towards the end of June, I will have some crown work done-such fun.

I m looking at July to changing some things up to see what direction I want to go into next, a different/ new shop and a new format for the blog.

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