Summer Beans


It has been a long time since the Midwest has had a summer like we had this year, we virtually got a way with murder, I almost feel guilty, but that lasted for about 5 minutes.

The 1/2 runner white beans that I planted at the farm only yielded 6 quarts.  My ever industrious husband felt we needed more and off he went to place an order at the farmers market down the street for a bushel of said beans.  The following week, me, the hubby and my mother spent the whole day (three hours of that was just taking the strings off), cleaning, sorting and snapping, packing the jars, and pressurizing them, we got 28 quarts out of a bushel, not too bad for a full days work.  Most of the jars are of snapped beans, I did manage to get several where I left them whole and put some of the bean leaf in with them, I think they look sooooo cute.

I tell you what come this Thanksgiving and the winter months ahead, when I open those beans up and cook'em, they are going to take me back to one of the most perfect summers I have had in a long time.  Thank you perfect Summer, hope you come back soon.

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