Happy Birthday Sophia


On Saturday we celebrated daughter #2's birthday.  Yes, you are correct, daughter #1's birthday was 13 days ago, I always go poor in the month of August, several immediate family members birthdays are in August.  I truly adore downtown Columbus, I could really live in the middle of a city and never tire of it.  The hustle and bustle, the architecture, all of it reminds me of New York, the foodie in me could eat at a different food establishment everyday.  We all met at the ZenCha Tea Salon on Gay Street for brunch and to celebrate her special day.

All of us took pictures of everything that was going on, it took us forever to finish the meal as digital cameras and cell phone cameras were going off at any given time.  My baby girl is just so fabulous and adorable all at once, I don't know how she does it.

Sophia and Siebie were all over the candles but one, but it didn't burn for long, he was on top of it.  The cake was just absolutely awesome, it is our new favorite.  Lemon cake layered with pastry cream and raspberry coulis covered in slivered almonds.  It was another fabulous summer day in the Midwest for my baby girl.

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