Working in my Kleingarten



FINALLY, yes, I have my own little piece of the world, my schrebergarten.  I am starting to get a routine of spending my mornings at my section of the kleingarten, part of a community garden group here in the neighborhood.  Things are slow of course in the spring, but the heat is starting to kick in-ugg, thank goodness I get out in the morning before it gets too hot and unbearable.

When I am done moving dirt around and cutting down weeds I head back to the studio and get hammering away there, the new bag pattern is moving very slowing, trying my best to focus, but those plants keep calling my name.  Tomorrow I am going to be out and to plant some beans, I hope they do well and wishing we don't have a miserable summer like we did last year, I lost a small pink dogwood in my front yard to that, but I replaced it, we will see what happens to it this year. Hope your early plant endeavours are starting out well, let me know what your progress is as I will with mine.  My first year here, I hope I have beginners luck, wish me well.

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