Happy 5th Birthday Siebie

He had a very busy day indeed.  We started our day on Saturday, April 26 (his birthday) with his morning soccer match against the Mountain Cats.  Siebie's team the Sabbertooth Cats lost-again, but they gave it "A" for effort.  Then it was off to his house to get the last minute touches for the party underway before guests started to arrive.

His theme was "The Trash Pack."  The Sieb loves his garbage trucks and garbage, never understood the appeal, but it must be a guy thing.  The menu was Mexican, Silla 's Pork Verde is always so dang good, it is just so addictive.  The Sieb also loves his strawberries and had a strawberry layered cake with garage strewned across it, with all the activity and talking that was going on, I am pretty sure I ate more cake then real food.

Back outside again to burn off some of that wonderful cake by taking down the piñata for, of course, more sugar goodies.  Poor Siebie swung so hard he almost came out of his shorts.  But the rest of his entourage took the blue dinosaur down with many mighty swings.  The weather was so perfect, I just wish it would stay like this for the whole summer.

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