10 Random Things

Here is yours truly, the poor college student modeling in Germany with ginger hair, sporting the Flock of Seagulls spiky-do.
1.  I am obsessed with ice cream sandwiches, I can only buy one at a time or I will eat the whole box, really-the whole box.
2.  Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is a NPR (radio station) God, there I said it.
3.  I feel I make the best lasagna, therefore, I can't bring myself to eat anyone else's.
4.  I love the Woodie Station wagon, I need to get one before my life is over.
5.  I could eat a McDonald's Egg McMuffin everyday for breakfast and never get tired.
6.  Why is there an expiration date for sour cream?
7.  I only drink unsweet tea, water does not taste good to me.
8.  Steely Dan is one of the top 5 bands of all time.
9.  I feel I am doomed to never being able to figure out what color to put in the main bathroom, I have changed my mind on the color 12 times already.  I think it will be forever white at the rate that I am going.
10.  My favorite John Grisham book is "The Last Juror."

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