Sweater Tote Bag Pattern - Almost Done

I have been working on bag patterns, making revisions, while enjoying some potato and chive soup and getting some glimpses while looking out the window and trying to enjoy the last of the snow before it starts to melt off.  I am probably one of the few that enjoys the cold weather and snow. 

I have made these bags over the years, a real simple pattern, after you make one bag, its like riding a bike, you won't forget it.  I have  made them for gifts, for my own use as well as for bookstores and gift shops a like.  The color combinations and accents are endless.

Just a few I have made over the years.  The green one on the bottom right, is probably the one I used the most, even after so much wear I would do patch jobs on it to keep it going.  I will be posting the pattern in the Etsy shop and will let you know here when it is ready, hopefully within the week.

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