Lunch and Books in Columbus

It was a great time to get out one last day before the Polar Vortex snow hit Dayton.  However, we made the grave mistake of eating in downtown Columbus as the Arnold Fitness Expo (yes, it takes place every year in Columbus, I never knew it even took place the Arnold Expo that is) was taking place AND a hockey game at the Nationwide Arena was about the take place as well.  Thank goodness we got to The Three Legged Mare (Irish pub fare) early to get a table as the place became beyond packed.  Siebie who starts soccer practice in a couple of weeks was glued to the a soccer game on the big screen.  We lingered over appetizers and then had our assorted entrees.  Got caught up on all the activities that we all are doing.  Alexandra ran into Arnold Schwarzenegger the night before, she was a little star stuck as she watched him get into his limo.  We then head out to the book store to get our stash of reading material.  I am so thankful that Siebie has been read to every night for the past five years that he now looks forward to getting his own "stash."   He picked out several for his pile, two were Katy and the Big Snow Plow by Virginia Lee Burton and another that she wrote was The Little House, I just love her illustrations, so wish I could draw like that.  He loves the I Spy series and added two more to his collection.

After a fab afternoon, we went and got some coffee to go and headed back by the OSU campus-as usual on out way back to Dayton.  I always pass my FAVORITE building, it is just so unusual, I believe it is some sort of power plant for the university, when viewing it from 315 it looks like an office building, but up close it is not.  Architecture is such a weakness for me, there really isn't a building that I don't like, they all speak to me some how.

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