Tükens Orchard and Farm Market




A trip to the farm in West Alexandria, west on 35 outside of Dayton, on a hot and very humid late morning two weeks ago.  We went to see if there were any strawberries left as we had a hankering to make some homemade strawberry ice cream, unfortunately when we got there we had found the last one of the season-oh well, so we went on to pick two kinds of cherries instead, I have no idea which variety they were, but we had a great time doing it.  On the way back to the barn we passed yellow plums, bees, thistle, several kinds of apple varieties and pumpkin rows for the fall harvest.  Back at the barn/market, I spied a copper kettle that I could have easily put in the back of my trunk.  It was so hot that we had to have some of the apple cider slushy that used last years apple.  I have to tell you, that was the best stuff I have ever tasted, it was pure nectar and beyond refreshing.  On our way back to the car Siebie stopped to feed some of the animals that they have on the property, the goats got a little carried away and stole his empty cup-those rascals. Then off we go to head back to the homestead to pit the cherries and run through the sprinklers. We are having the best summer fun-me and my buddy Siebie.

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