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It was cool, cloudy and a slow rain all day yesterday.  Instead of curling up with a book and finishing my knittig project, the hubby and me went to look at a potential store front, then I dropped some boxes off at the post office and then we headed to Mendelson's downtown.   The store is a turn of the century industrial building that now houses just about every wire, tube, knob, nail, bolt, screw, etc., that was every created.  We started out together, but minutes later, with cell phones charged, we were off in our own directions.  The huge and I mean massive, old building only has two floors that customers are allowed on, 1st and 3rd, the hubby was concerned as to what happened to the 2nd floor, but when I spied the dishware I wasn't too concerned.  I have to tell you I was soooooo wanting the blueish-grey colored metal stack of drawers, I came so close to getting it, once I figure out where to put it in the house, I have to go back for it.
After I got my cart full from the 1st floor, we ventured to the 3rd.  I was in knob heaven, I needed to replenish and look for new items to add to my collection of mixed media art and cloches.  I felt like I was a kid in a candy store, once I got my cart full of my new stash, we synchronized out departure and then we headed out for a late lunch.  We spent almost two hours in the place, no wonder I was famished, but after my fill of Mexican, I was good to go, what a great afternoon to go on a exploring date with the hubby.

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