Winter thoughts

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The holidays are well over and I haven't been able to catch my breath, there is always something going on and I manage to be staying ahead of most things, so all can't be that bad.  We had some snow a couple of times but after a couple of days it seems to melt off.  My one daughter, her goal this year is the "snow," she has been wanting some snow of considerable depth as well for it to stay around, but to no avail, not a whole lot.  I myself have been reduced to daydreaming of snow.  We had a great display of snow the day after Christmas and immediately I was dreaming of putting together a snow picnic of sitting around a nice warm fire and eating a delightful stew or hearty chili, toast some homemade marshmallows and then go ice skating down at the rink or sledding behind the seminary down the street from me, oh well, I will keep dreaming, it is not too late as there are a couple more weeks that there could be another opportunity for snow.

Part of my after holiday busy-ness is planning a trip to Canada this summer or early fall, we will be heading to the Toronto area for some exploring, dining and bringing back some fabulous finds for the shop, getting my reservations in early.  If all goes well, will be heading to Scotland for the holidays this year, but I will not try to put the cart before the horse and get all worked up in case those plans don't pan out.  In the mean time, staying closer to home, I have been coming across some more fab sites and items.

Lovely yummy ideas for recipes for a fun winter picnic here.

Valentine chalk board creations, you now chalk board art is my crack.

Today for us Anglos and others is Shrove Tuesday and am looking forward to my pancakes and bangers (sausage) tonight-yum.

I ordered these boots and boot socks from Sahalie as I needed something to fold up and put in my carry-on and will be getting these awesome wedges next.

Heading to Columbus this weekend and want to try these Ohio Nachos at the Cap City Diner.  Will let you know how it goes.

I want these yellow and brown sweaters to wear to my winter picnic and/or ice skating.

Everyone needs to have a blanket like this to snuggle up with and a cup of ginger/lemon tea when the snow starts falling.

Hope your winter days and nights are warm and snug.

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