Paris in the spring time

photos from these locations: thespcblog.blogspot.com, indulgy.com, fineartamerica.com, welivewhereweare.com, metislinens.blogspot.com, flickrhivemind.net , afar.com

While living in Germany I got around a lot, however, I never got to France, the closet thing French was driving our maroon colored Citroen, it was a newer model then shown above, but the same color and shape, man did I love that car. 

I am now gazing out the office window on this cold, cloudy, drizzly day and I am dreaming of my daffodils to come up and show their bright sunny faces and my porch vine "Vinny" to start showing his plump buds of grape leaves to come later and for the lawn grass to display it's bright green color.  Easter will be earlier this year so I better get a move on the find Siebie his new bow tie to wear, last year it was a white and tangerine pin strip confection and you wanted to take a bite of him as he looked like a ice cream cone.

Hope your weekend is a snug and cozy one with dreams of daffodils dancing.

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