Annnnd...I'm back



After much over indulgence it is time to return back to the real world and the shop.   This holiday season is one for the family books as a surprise birthday party on the 14th for me was successfully carried out and I was literally none the wiser-I had no clue.  The weekend was spent with friends and family from near and far for the wonderful occasion, I am still trying to figure how it was pulled off without no one spilling the beans-amazing.   
For the 25th, after a ease-into-the day breakfast of eggs, ham, cheese and potato casserole with mango, blueberry and pomegranate fruit salad and plenty of coffee it was off to the races with paper ripping and ribbon tossing, then back into the kitchen to get the trussed up roast into the oven and the preparing of fresh green beans with garlic and bacon, au gratin potatoes, carrot pudding and wild rice, mushroom-beef gravy and a couple of bread boules and to finish with a fluffy cheesecake and apple slab pie for dessert and a game of "Who Am I."  Company lingered in and out for dessert and drinks, then the snow started to fall to finish the ending of a perfect day. 
A belated - Happy Christmas
¡Feliz Navidad!
Froehliche Weinachten

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