winter is getting near

Yes, I am aware that it is not, TECHNICALLY winter, but, I couldn't wait, or the weather couldn't wait.  After a warmish Thanksgiving day yesterday, today, you couldn't tell that it was sunny and pleasant.  The wind was whipping around, blowing the last of my pear tree's leaves off and I had to put on a thick sweater as I headed out to the post office.  I might as well go hunting for my ice skates next and start warming up to get ready for my double Lutz.  I used to be able to perform such feats in my younger days but now, I will be happy doing figure eights, simple spins and mostly-not falling.  I remember on weekends, after spending hours outside coming home to eat something warm and toasty.  I spent a lot of hours cooking, eating and/or talking about food.  In the fall I would bake ANYTHING and the crow berries that I picked from spending the day at Alyeska (ski resort) in Girdwood, AK, they were so-so good.  I would portion control the small amount that I had left in the freezer to use later on in the winter months to make more mouth watering baked creations.
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Now that the golden roasted turkey has been devoured, I am organizing my Christmas tree ornaments to put on the tree and sorting through cookie recipes.  I try not to bake the same things as that can get a little boring, but I try to stay close to cookies that have more of a traditional flare.  I came across a Real Danish Butter Cookies recipe from the Orangette Blog and I am going to try from the Barefoot Contessa's recipes the White Chocolate Bark and French Chocolate Bark and I always make her Jam Thumbprint Cookies, actually, I am really addicted to them and it is a good thing that I only make them once a year.

Photo from Orangette


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If you don't have it already, you must, must get the best Christmas music EVER!. I play this over and over, drives the family crazy, but it is worth it :)

Here is my favorite song from the album "Christmas is Coming."

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