happy 4th anniversary


Happy 4th wedding anniversary to my daughter and son-in-law today.  It was a fabulous day that was celebrated with close friends and family.  I caught her here while waiting for the photographer to set up his lighting and she was relaxing on the stairs at the Dayton Art Institute before heading upstairs for the cocktail hour before the reception.  The weather was sunny and in the 60's, a perfect fall day from beginning to end, the wedding weekend went without a bridezilla moment, the rehearsal dinner the night before at Pacchia's, brunch at the the bride's family home, the early evening wedding at St. Paul's Episcopal Church was stunning, dining, drinking and dancing and a sparkler send off from the institute, the couple off to their honeymoon destination and the rest of us to party well into the morning hours with scrambled eggs and bacon.  I know it was a dream come true for the wonderful couple and I continue to wish them all the best the world holds for them. 

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