fall thoughts

Everytime school starts and the smell of fall is in the air I start to get into "holiday" mode, there is something happening every month now until after the new year. I am starting to get thoughts of what this peron might like, or what that person will want, note taking begins and my huge purse, which my mothers calls my "luggage" starts to get pockets full of notes from a Monday and this note from Wednesay and then I graduate to note books and folders, then you know I am serious when I have progressed to files.  I think this year I am going to have to have a family meeting early so we can start to get a little more coordinated before the rush is upon us and we just get a gift because we ran out of time and the gift really doesn't make any sense, but screams "last minute."

I do know that I have decided to do a sewing project, I can't post now as someone might give it away, so letting you know now is out (sorry).  But there are some lovely lovies that I have run across the past couple of weeks.

fabulous earrings
this dress
love this photo
fall dinner party menu for girls night
want to plant these tulips now to bloom next year
desperate to make this chocolate buttermilk cake
knit this baby blanket for a gift
this is a must to make, both of them 
make this biscotti at beginning of school year for girls

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