A sad farewell

I have many fond memories and photos of this 35 acre seminary/park over the past 20 years and with its days slowly numbered, I wanted to capture some of the glory that it was before some of the buildings will be torn down for a poorly planned expansion that is being facilitated by the present owners.  Also here is a link that tells more in detail, the Wright Brother's father was the founding member that spear headed the beginnings of this campus.

The United Theological Seminary has its roots from as far back as 1871 to when the building was sold in 2005 to the present day owners, the (UTS as it is commonly known around here) seminary moved to a smaller and up to date facility.

There are five prominent buildings on the mature treed campus.  Bonebrake-administrative offices, the Library, Fout Hall-lower level cafeteria and women's dorms, Roberts Hall-dorms for men and the Chapel.  The dorms are none functional and have been locked and chained.  The other three have some life still in them, but there are costly repairs and upgrades that need to be done.  The roads that "square" the campus are, Harvard, Catalapa, Cornell and Burroughs.  On the west side of the campus is an open field to play soccer, swings and a large jungle gym to play on, a newly renovated gazebo for picnics and huge trees all around.  I would take my daughters there to play when visiting my parents years ago, as they live directly across the street from the field, the girls would spend hours, if not days, if I allowed them to.  The fall was magical, many, many walks around the seminary as it is a place to meet and get your "walk-on."  My husband and I have moved here, 5 years ago, on a street over and are restoring a 1925 Colonial and I walk daily around the seminary and stop by and chat or have dinner with the parents.

There are efforts to stop the ill thought out proposed plans, but at present, they are still forging ahead with getting the required approvals that are need to rezone, permits and a like to raze several buildings and to put in a monster parking lot.  I hope it does not come to this and hope also that a better use of the property will take place.  Until then, I still can enjoy what is left of these majestic beauties.

 Bonebrake Hall


The Library

Roberts Hall

Fout Hall


The Chapel

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  1. thanks for taking these pictures.... I haven't... maybe it is more, I just could not bring myself to see the demise in person... and yes, it simply is a sad ending to a once grand and lovely spot... and for many years the bright spot in the neighbor. (my years 84-87, and then in 94-96)