Summer To-Do List

I am more of a mental list maker, then to actually write down items and cross them off when the task has been completed.  But today I felt compelled to "write" down my mental list of what I really want to accomplish this summer:

1.  Paint staircase walls
2.  Put up wallpaper in Alexandra’s bedroom
3.  Go on a hike that has a lake/river/waterfall at the end
4.  Pick and can some wonderful plum jam
5.  Barbecue at least twice a week
6.  Eat dinner and have drinks outside whenever it’s warm
7.  Get ice cream maker and make 
Vanilla Wafer Ice Cream
8.  Take Siebie to the Newport Aquarium
9.  Plant a huge herbal container garden off of the
10. Wear summer dresses more often
11. Take a summer drive to Granville and have dinner at the Buxton Inn

After reading what I wrote, I am already getting excited, I think I am going to have to get started a couple weeks before it is the official start of summer.  I hope your summer list is filled will fun and relaxation.

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