Setting up a store front...

is harder then what they tell you.  I have scouted out three potential store fronts, getting all the stats that are needed, adding them to the business plan, I don't remember when I have done so much typing, except for my senior thesis in college, but I am pressing on.  Please be patient with the shop with regards to adding stuff, there will be some dry spells due to work being done behind the scenes, I will try to keep all posted with the progress, I just wish there were two more of me.

This is the first contender

Second store front a couple of blocks from the first contender 

on the corner of the University of Dayton Campus,
 I just love my old school

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  1. Oh shot! You just missed the application process for Activated Spaces Pop up shop project.


    But you should still totally look in downtown Dayton. There is so much great support down here and you could use the site seeker program through the DDP.


    Or you could hold out for another pop up round though there is no guarantee we will have another.