Found Treasures

I never know what or when I come across little morsels of treasures during my scouting adventures.  As I was sifting through some textiles at one of my favorite haunts, I came across a handmade bag of blue wool woven material, lined with ecru linen with bamboo handles.  Upon closer inspection, it turns out there was an unfinished knitting project of grey woolen socks.  I can only imagine who started this pair, as the pair were almost completed.  There were three index cards with the knitting instructions hand written on both sides and kept together with a paper clip that were tucked into the bag as well.  I could only guess how many pairs of socks were knitted with this knitting "recipe."  I will always wonder why the sock was never finished, did the person get bored, was the bag put away and forgotten about, it is hard to tell.  I did not disturb the bag for several months as I almost felt that the person wanted to finish it but was not able to and I thought that I will hold onto the bag for safe keeping for them.  I came across the bag again yesterday and took everything out.  I looked at the project and decided that I would finish the partially done sock for the lost soul that never got to finish it.  I hope I can do the lone sock justice-wish me luck.

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