Getting it together

It seems, at times, a struggle to do a blog post.  I will have an idea or a comment and think I need to rush and post now while I have a few minutes and then the phone rings and out the window that thought goes.  I have said a couple of times that I will try to refocus as I do want to post, but I am going in 10 different directions at the same time.  So I am going to try to put the guilt of starting the new year out right with a vow of more frequent postings, wish me luck-bueno suerte mi amor.

Christmas was, wait, I don't know if I really remember Christmas, I just remember, cooking, wrapping and cleaning.  However, the real focus was Baby Precious, Siebie.  He goes by several names, Caillou (as in the Canadian kid show-of which he loves), Mater (from the Cars movies), PBJ, just to name a few.  His only wish for the holidays was a back hoe and cars, pretty much anything that has a motor.  So, as ALWAYS, what Baby Precious wants, Baby Precious gets.

The tree this year was fabulous, as usual.

My latest, most favorite thing to display now are vintage trophies and I put wreaths on them, what ever looks good.  They add that silver and gold bling and make everything sparkle.

Forgot to turn lights on for the shot-oops.

I was also given specific instructions this year, that this is the last year for the sock and running shoe stocking from the 1980's.  Alex had been spending Christmas in Italy for several years and when she came back home for Christmas last year, I had found the most perfectist stocking in the world for her.  I couldn't stop laughing for days and days as I knew very well that she would just simply protest, debate the lack of virtue that the stocking had and cross her arms and refuse such ownership of loveliness.  Well, this year she said never again.  However, the boyfriend has stepped in and has now taken prideful ownership of "new" stocking, mostly because I think he actually likes it in a retro kinda way and secondly to torment her for future Christmas's to come.

Here is to new beginnings, trying to write more and the search for the perfect 2012 Christmas stocking.

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