A Vacation (of sorts)

Taking a vacation (if you can call it that) from the shop to focus on "the pink bedroom."  As much as the former owner LOVED pink, I mean really loved the color, think of Rose from the movie Wedding Singer, EVERYTHING was pink, I think my former owner was Rose's long lost twin sister.  I am sure the rose wallpaper was the hit of wallpaper store at the time, but, unfortunately, the day has come when it is to go bye-bye.

I have been doing the house in blues and browns of varying shades and this will have some of those colors as well.  If some have not figured I am an Anglo (technically Northern Ireland) but lived and worked in Germany, I know-you could never tell.  I would spend as much time in the summer in London as I could or head to Ibiza off of the coast of Spain. 

I have picked some paint colors out for this room, but have not committed to one just yet.  My goal, by the time the paper is down, I will have chosen.  This room will have a Union Jack theme, I am pretty hyped for the commencement of the redecoration.

Thank goodness the feature wall was the only one done in paper.

 Other side of the same wall, closet door and to the right, door leading out.

Believe it or not these are four different colors of turquoise blue. 

Rad cover will be sand blasted and repainted.

Part of the stash that will be used in the room when completed, but will need to move the last of it out in the hall way.

Well, wish me good luck and hopefully nothing uneventful will happen when I take the paper off.  I am curious to see if there is another layer of paper underneath.

I will return back to the shop next week.

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