I Dream of My Own Schrebergarten

or Kleingarten.  When I lived in Germany many moon ago, one could never go too far and not see a "small garden" of varying shapes and sizes.  Since I have been state side I have been always trying to find my little space of the yard for a garden no matter where our house has been.  We lived in a town home with virtually no grass of any kind, but I managed to create a portage garden in varying size pots it was a raging success. 

Now, I want a shed of sorts, an actual location to go to, away from the neighborhood since I live in the city.  Need to to start looking out of the city limits for my own Schrebergarten.  The family has sort of converged on to Sophia's yard in Columbus and we have started a garden there.  Tuesday I snagged some zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and some herbs.  I julienned up half the zucchini, sauteed in olive oil, two garlic cloves, threw in a little thyme and oregano, little salt, and threw in one of the diced tomatoes and served it over thin spaghetti and some grated parm-fabulous.  The left over zucchini will go into zucchini bread, still reading through recipes for that, probably do that tomorrow.

Came across this vertical garden wall, it seems to actually have vegetable growing, I thought it was succulents and it also has a vine of some sort, bean I guess.  I am not at this stage where I need to go up the walls, but it is an idea.

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