Getting it together

TONS has been going on and I have neglected my dear blog.  My summer resolution is to try to be more attentive and post more often.  I have many things to say and to share, but somewhere along the way I lose track of time and it is dark outside and sleep starts to take over.  I just need to get on a better schedule for blogging, not more excuses-really, I mean it this time.

To start this hot Monday off (I wrote this last night), I ran across some fab photos to share, all from forty-sixth at grace and also due to the heat I am actually craving a new ice cream maker and want to so desperately to try a Vanilla Wafer flavored ice cream.  What happened to the 75 degrees and very low humidity?

This looks like the perfect cake to compliment the ice cream

Next, one of the goals this summer is to head back to Lake Cumberland and laze around for a bit


I would love to have chickens, zoning won't allow it, so for now, just dream. 
Love the colors and composition of the photo-fabulous.



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