Spring is really here

Three Robin's eggs in the nest on the "vine wall" on the porch.

A virtual bird sanctuary under and around the porch.

As you can see Lovey and Dovey have infiltrated the porch light fixture, even after many attempts of removing the glass base and I tried to cover the light fixture with dish towels so I can go get chicken wire to cover it, but to no avail, they plopped right down on the tea towels and were probably appreciative that I did that, thinking I did it just for them.  There are two eggs that they are sitting on now.

Sophia's wedding tulips are showing their fabulous purple color.

I believe these are called "Rosey Cloud."  This is their first year and they are glorious and they smell like paperwhites, stunning.

The lamb's ear is doing well in the rock garden.

The flowering pear tree (one of 4) and across the street a stunning magnolia in the neighbor's yard.

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