Hey, Rhubies, I have been pretty swamped and am able to come to the surface for a few minutes before I get engulfed in Christmas "stuff" again.

I did manage to get my chaired recovered, as the poor thing has been partially covered for a couple of months, and I was able to finish it-finally.

During one of my "hunts" through shops and estate sales, I came across a heavy king size all-linen duvet cover by Arhaus (furniture store).  When I saw it, I knew what I was going to do with it.

I did not have any piping or even wanted any for that matter.  Instead, to give the illusion of piping, I had done a French seam.  Sew two pieces of material together and then fold the ends over onto itself and sew that down.  This is a very informal chair and I wanted a rough lived in look.  I did trim the edges after I finished as to give it a cleaner look, but still wanted to maintain that "raw" look.

Due to the dimensions of the over sized chair (called a "chair and 1/2"), I had to piece meal some of material to be able to cover the base and the seat cushion.  For the back cushion I am using another piece of linen that will compliment the chair, but I forgot to include in photos, I will go and get that shot-immediately.

Voila, all finished and it will be used in the master bedroom for lounging and reading.


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