The Elusive Garden Gnome

A couple of days ago I was able to get photos of the elusive neighborhood garden gnome that people were reporting sightings of.  Most of the time they stand still and don't move while positioned against potted plants on a porch or in a garden next to a pond over looking the swimming koi. 

But in this case, cameras were positioned in a drive way and a motion detector was rigged up to take photos of any movement of anything under 3 feet.  And sure enough, at sunset a garden gnome appeared.  He seemed to be surveying what looked to appear to be Halloween decorations in a neighbors yard.  It looks like his mode of transportation is a Red Rider wagon.  I could not tell by his age as he appears to have a young face but a full white beard.  I wonder if they can talk and what that language is.  What food do they eat and what do their houses look like?  I was not able to get a lot of "face" shots, as I wonder if they don't like to be photographed or he was too busy or didn't know the camera was set up.

But I now have proof that they do move about and not stand in one place.

It looks like a food group that the garden gnomes eat is a red licorice.

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