The Cheating Knitter

I have created another knitted throw with random scarves, but this is for a baby layette that I am creating for a friend's baby due in December.  The colors chosen for the nursery are mostly a lime green, but I also know that she is very fond of the color green regardless, so all the scarves have some sort of green in them.

When putting the scarves together, I used the same whip stitch from the tutorial, but I went back the other direction with the same stitch technique and it created an "X" pattern for more security and it also added a whimsiness to the blanket as well.  I did a running stitch at the ends with satin ribbon and one end with a velvet ribbon. 

There was one section that was a little short, but I reused some fringe to compensate for the difference in length and it worked out well, I thought.

I will be adding a couple other things to the layette and I will share with you in a couple of days when I complete them.

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