Junk Maven

I will tell you something that a lot of people do not know, but Mary Randolph Carter, Vice President of Advertising for Ralph Lauren, is my secret mentor, no, she is not aware of this, but I don't think that she would really mind if she did find out.  I have all of her books and she is just a fabulous "junk maven" as far as I am concerned.  However, there is one caveat, as much as I enjoy the hunt of the chase with regards to finding that "diamond in the rough," I am rather a bit of a neat freak.  Junk just needs to be orderly, that's all.  The look and feel of an item has to have it's place-regardless.  I could have 20 milk glass what-evers, but they all have to have a function and that function is not collecting dust, if the item doesn't pull its weight around the house, then back out to the universe it goes to find its place.

Her office.

Ode to her boss Ralph Lauren I would presume.

Her actual working desk.

A few of her books.

I LOVE that lamp!

 I hope the salt and pepper is not vintage.

Head over to The Selby to take a look at lots of other photos taken of this interview of two years ago.  Delightful shots.

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