Fall into Orange

I was thinking about fall and the different colors it brings, compared to the colors of summer.  I love the color orange, but really only use it as an accent versus as a main color.  There was a study done sometime ago on what and how color can effect individuals, like blue is calming, red is for energy or how someone could randomly come up to you and look at you and tell you are a "summer" or "fall" with reference to what colors of clothing would look good on the individuals and that would compliment their hair and skin color. 

Orange on the other hand, I read, seems to trigger eating.  I guess that is why I haven't seen a whole lot of kitchens done in orange in my life, except for my girlfriend and walking chum, she goes by many names but for today, she will be known as Mrs. Collins, teacher extraordinaire.  She is the maven of Halloween and her kitchen is done in, yes, Halloween theme and its colors, I find it quite painful to enter her kitchen, when I am able to leave, by feeling the walls till I find the door, I have some minor retinal damage, but I do recover.  In contrast, as a young girl our kitchen was done in the color "avocado," the refrigerator was avocado, the dish washer was avocado, the washer and dyer were avocado, even the kitchen chairs were avocado, storage containers-yes, avocado.  You would think after all this exposure I would have some issues, just some minor neck twitching, but I am good.

When we moved to Germany instead of England, (not sure if one country would have had any difference over the other in determining color in a kitchen-but you never know) there were some orange accents in the kitchen, but it was mostly whites.  Moving to Ohio, USA, it was a hodge-podge of color as mother wanted to keep things "all German" as possible, not sure what that meant, but it does remind me of Germany when I do go over and visit.

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However, I am more inclined to eat, wear and see things more orange in the fall then other times of year.  I don't eat pumpkin pie in the summer, butternut squash soup-unless it is cold outside as well as drink hot orange spice tea, most pumpkins aren't ripe till later in the year, I only see ghosts and eat candy corn on Halloween and most definitely the heavy socks and fabulous pea coat are marked for blustery weather with temperatures in the 30's.

It has been cool here in the Midwest this past week and after writing this I am getting a hankering of some hot orange spice tea with a drizzle of honey right about now.  Here is to wishing you all a great orange fall, a happy birthday to my business bud today and knowing you all will look fabulous dressed in orange this season.


  1. I think you meant the kitchen is comforting

  2. Especially when you make that noodle koogle for the holidays. I will be expecting a very large pan for Chanukah, I am sure it will taste fabulous fried even.