Fabulous Scarf Throw Tutorial

This throw can be done with any scarf, any size, and any color.  This basic pattern can be as long or wide as you like.  This particular one used 8 scarves and will take approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours to whip stitch all scarves together.

The end result is a funky, boho style throw that is warm, comfy and ever so fabulous.

You will need:
  • Coordinating yarn, left over yarn is great also and it doesn't have to be the all the same color, it can be different colors, even types of yarn.  (Use one strand of thick yarn when stitching or two strands of a lesser weight.)
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle, 3 3/4", found in the yarn section of most super craft stores.
  • 8 scarves or more, to get the width that you want.

Lay your scarves out on a large clean surface or floor even, so as to decide what color combination is desired and to center the scarves.  After you have decided on your combination, use the safety pins to connect the scarves and to keep the scarves centered for when you whip stitch them together.  There is no calculation of where the pins should go, roughly a hand lengths apart.  Be sure to keep the pins straight as that will also be used as a guide to keep the "fabric" perpendicular to each other.

There will be some scarves that are longer then others, but don't worry about that, just start your whip stitching at the corner of where the shortest end meets the long section. 

(However, you do not care for the unevenness, then you can either unravel or cut the longer ends to the desired length and whip stitch the ends before you stitch the scarves together.  I kept my uneven as I liked the texture it gave.)

I made a knot and left a tail to mock the other scarves that had fringe on some of them.  I used the yarn needle with the chosen yarn color, the length of yard I used was roughly a little longer then the section I was whip stitching. The whip stitch is a basic stitch that has a "over and over" motion, the stitch length I used was the length of my thumb, roughly an inch.  Continue to "whip" the length of the section of scarves that you are working on, disregard the safety pins for now, keep them in and whip over them and be sure that the pins are straight when you reach each one.  If you are unfamiliar with what a whip stitch looks like, I suggest you view this demonstration video of how to execute this stitch.

When you reach the end of you scarf section, just knot off and start on the next row.  Be sure the keep a consistent tautness, not too tight to keep from creating a "puckering" look and not too loose as the weight of the scarves will pull the scarves apart and create spaces in the stitches.

When completed with all scarves, pins can be removed.  This should take you about 2 hours to complete the whip stitching of 8 scarves.  When done you can marvel at how simple and cost effective it was.  I bought each scarf for about 50 cents to $1.00.  There is no way that this throw could have been knitted from beginning to end for that cost much less the time to put together. 

No you can marvel at your own creation and enjoy the coziness that it will bring during the cooler nights that are to come.  Bonne couture mes amis.

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