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I don't know about you but I am so done with this heat.  Here in the Midwest it has been one of the hottest summers in awhile and I am ready for snow or just about anything else right about now.

The one plus to this heat is that I am delighted for my new clothes line that was put up last month, but I only wash so much and not all things are put on the line.  But when I do put "a load on the line" I tell you what, they are dried faster then the microwave can reheat a cup of Joe.  Unfortunately, this heat is sure dying up yards in my neighborhood, instead of grass they look like little harvested hay fields.

Too bad I don't have a pool in the back, our back yard is tiny compared to the front, as we have a corner lot and the house was pushed back from the street, thereby, good size front yard, tiny rear.  Just thinking about it makes me thirsty.  You know it does a person good by squeezing one's own limes or lemons to make fresh lime or lemonade.  It has been quit refreshing this summer to fix a glass and go out onto the vine covered porch and relax for a minute or two and watch the butterflies dance on my lavender buds and flicker around the hibiscus blooms.

Extra large glass
2 limes or 1 large lemon
1/3 cup sugar
Cold bottle of water

Squeeze the fruit and strain if you like, pour sugar in and let dissolve, put ice in extra large glass and add the sugared juices and pour the water in. Adjust according to taste.  Grab a nice shady spot and enjoy your refreshing beverage.  After I down my libation, I will go and retrieve the dried laundry as I am positive it is already dry on the line.  I am already thinking about my favorite Jeni's (Columbus, OH) roasted cherry goat cheese ice cream for dessert tonight, don't laugh for the uninitiated, it is heaven in a bowl.

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