School Days

Top row from left: color pencils with art on them via lushlee, writing paper photo via coypaper, crayon photo via valdosta.edu, desk photo via svetimam
Row 2: Pot of paste via tree hugger, apples photo via diana miller, lunch pail photo via country living, ruler photo via jupiterimage
Row 3: one room school house photo via design share historic Michigan, book bag via sew-dolling, bus photo via western bus, jumping rope photo via photo liaison

Starting school when the girls were younger was rather a precarious situation.  Both of the girls are born in the month of August and their respective birthdays are 13 days apart.  It wasn't too bad when they were younger as we were able to have their birthdays on the same day and they were none the wiser.  As they got older and their personalities started to develop, then the birthdays became separate and the planning of their celebrations become more intense and involved, if not careful out of control.  The other element to birthdays in August is that most schools also begin their new school year.  Unfortunately, where we lived school always started the third week and my youngest's birthday happens to be the 23rd.  It had always bothered her that school always started during the week of her birthday and at any give year the first day also had the audacity to even be on her birthday.  On one particular year, her birthday did fall on the first day of school and one of the activities of the day was to express a uniqueness of oneself in the class room as an ice breaker.  My number 2 child eagerly raised her hand and shared that, that day in fact was her birthday.  There were mixed comments from "great" to "how neat" to later being told that someone thought she was lying to actually get a sympathy vote, that did not go down very well, as the thought that she would make up such a story of "her" birthday to garner extra attention was just beyond reproach.  She managed to regain her composure and disassociate herself from the person for the rest of the year.  Fortunately, after she graduated high school, I think one of the prerequisite for college was that their first day of classes was to not fall on her birthday.   Here's to both of my daughters on their respective birthdays and may school always start in September.


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